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Donna Elliott is a New Zealand-based artist and designer, specialising in beautifully hand-painted and digitally drawn patterns and illustrations for interiors, home furnishing textiles and apparel. Donna's designs are easily recognisable by their vibrant colours and fine art appearance, often featuring floral, bird and fruit themes.

Donna graduated with an honors degree in Industrial design from Massey University College of Design in 2002 and has worked in various graphic design roles since, including five years in Singapore and Japan.

Having returned to New Zealand, Donna is a full-time secondary school technology teacher (architecture and product design) and part-time designer. She loves all things design, in particular, furniture and product design, graphic design, branding and illustration, painting and photography. Donna draws inspiration from the creativity and curiosity of her students and is also passionate about being in the great outdoors - tramping, cycling and enjoying the beauty of creation - which she hopes to bring into homes through her work.

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